Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ideal Fitness Aids for All Occasions

Wonder as to how many among us are capable to accept the witty wisdom heralded at the entrance of a gymnasium. It read: Are you fat and ugly? Join our gym and just be ugly! In fact our quest to be abreast with the modern fast paced life and other trends has been at the cost of being trim and healthy. As such we ought to reorient our objectives in the life with these words: Swim and move with the current but never drown in it.

The sole recourse to this end of remaining fit and healthy is exercise and playing brisk indoor or outdoor games. In case you lack the facilities for these, never lose heart since there are several alternate options. Individually, you can have an ideal system for workouts to sweat out shed excessive calories at your home. One such aid in fitness is the Cross Trainer machine, a compact versatile system with attractive features like consoles for watching TV, video or playing inspirational and motivational tunes during workouts. 

Similar to a treadmill and also known as X-Trainer, this system is marketed in the SAARC region by the New Delhi-based Cardio Fitness and its branches across India. It has benefits like safety and providing good amount of exercises for the leg muscles and the heart with least possible exertion on the entire body. Depending on the adjustable stride lengths, the workouts shed excessive calories.

As for the other alternate option in aid of health and fitness, is a community gym in your colony that you can set up with collective efforts. You can order for gym fitness equipment online from the same company. It also provides several other products and services such as –
  • Life Fitness and Celebrate Life: Two world class heavy duty fitness kits for gyms and homes
  • Hammer Strength: Plate-loaded strength equipment  
  • Living Earth Crafts and Helo: Two reputed brands of wide range of needs for a Spa
  • Ivanko, Gym-80  and Power Block:  Free weights and dumbbells
  • First Degree: An ideal system for rowing exercises
  • Tomahawk: Spin-bikes

So individual and community fitness is just a click away on the mouse!